Machine Manufacturing


When clients require custom machine building to fulfill unique production requirements.

We at SuperTech Engineering manufacture fully customized machines to fulfill production and business requirements enhancing daily operations. whether the machine requirement is of CNC, pneumatic, mechanical or hydraulic, one can always count on SuperTech Engineering. 



Some of our manufactured custom machines 

Hydraulic 4-Roll Plate Bender


This heavy duty machine is mainly used to bend metal sheets into different sizes from small cylinders to large storage tanks.

SuperTech Engineering 4-Rolls hydraulic plate bending machines with capacity in thickness upto 12 mm and in length upto 1700 mm

This machine is the key component for Textile & rotogravure cylinders, LPG tanks, storage tanks, pipes, textile rolls, drums manufacturers.


Hydraulic 4roll plate bender
CNC Machine Manufacturing in Pakistan

CNC Turning Centre

SuperTech Engineering specially design and build heavy duty metal forming CNC Turning Center for multipurpose machining requirement of manufacturing industry.

Click Here to see Details of Supertech Turning Center
Machine Features: 


Automatic Welding Machine


SuperTech Engineering is building automatic welding solutions for meeting its diverse customer needs. Whether the part is circular or non-circular, we provide variety of customized automatic welding machines.

Including: Vertical Automatic Welding Machine (single axis)
Horizontal Automatic Lathe Welder
(single and double axis)

Automatic Welding Machine
Infrared Paint Curing Lamp

Infrared Paint Curing Lamp

IR Heater is Infrared coating, and paint curing lamps have short wave infrared that dry from inside out thus suitable for car body shop and car detailing centers.Infrared coating and paint curing lamp (IR Heaters) is a fully automatic device, equipped with an electronic adjustable timer (0-30 mins) and adjustable height settings. The electric height & angle actuators, 360 cassette rotation, each emitter can be independently controlled.

Automatic Hot-Foil Stamping Machine

An automatic hot foil stamping machine is a device used in the printing and packaging industry to apply metallic or colored foil onto various materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, or leather. It is a specialized machine that uses heat, pressure, and a metallic or colored foil to create decorative or embellished designs on the surface of the substrate.

Stamping machine